the frog who
couldn’t decide

–Lekea Itero

There are five frogs sitting on a log, one decides to jump off the log, how many frogs are left? When I make this inquiry of several people, the response I usually get is” four" which simply validates my own response, when I first encountered the riddle. But alas we were all inaccurate. On close evaluation, we are informed that one frog decides to jump. For all we know he/she is still sitting on that log experiencing ambivalence, and imprisoned behind the bars of analysis paralysis.

–I have been sitting on this log for a decade
I am still waiting

I for one identify with this frog, I find myself indulging in the world of “I don’t know” “I am confused.” “I am waiting for the perfect time.” And life comes and goes and passes me by. If you were to inquire, Lekea what are you waiting for? my honest and sincere response dear reader would be “motivation.” with all sincerity, I am waiting to feel motivated. No it does not matter that I have been sitting on this log for a decade. I am still waiting to “find my passion.” to “feel inspired.” Then you may ask, what will it take….? well according to John C Maxwell, in his book, “The 15 invaluable Laws of Growth”, a book I continually read, “Motivation gets you going-Discipline keeps you growing.” Thus I am making a promise to myself, that I will apply “The Law of consistency” and regardless of whether I feel motivated or not, I am jumping off this log, that I have growth comfortable sitting on. And you will hold me accountable dear reader, as I promise to consistently write these blogs. See you soon and thank you for accompanying me in a brief glimpse at ambivalence.