four cups
of tea

—Lekea Itero

Whenever some one asks me to envision my ideal vacation, I see myself sitting down, slipping herbal teas all day long, with a book in hand. So when I was sitting in one of my cognitive behavioral theory application discussions with my mentor, Robert Lydon and he was mentoring us on how to encourage our clients to not only intellectually comprehend the positive impact of embracing the “cups", but also daily practicing them in their life, I envision the “cups” as simply slipping four cups of tea, all day long. The “cup” exercise simply states, find out something that would fulfill your needs for Self worth, sense of belonging, sense of freedom and fun. The cups assumes that at least the basics needs of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for physiology, safety and security are met. The cup of belonging correlates to our need for social connection and love, followed by the cup of self worth and power, which parallel’s that of self esteem.

—common sense does not appear to translate in to common practice

You may say, Lekea, that is common sense. And I would concur with you, however from my experience of the hundreds of people I meet daily, be it at work, in workshops, as clients, common sense does not appear to translate in to common practice. I got up this morning and deliberately planned on how I would fill my cups, for belonging -I called one of my best friends and we spoke for an hour, for the cup of worth, I wrote an article titled, “how to eat an elephant” and cleaned my house, for my cup of freedom, I made a choice to simply sit, slip some tea and listen to podcasts by Brooke Castillo and lastly for fun, I simply thought of some jokes and found myself laughing. So there you are, have four cups of tea and fill your need for belonging , self worth, freedom and fun. Today may be the best day of your life, if you so choice and deliberately think, feel and take actions to create the feelings and results you want, so how about that, slip some tea.