—Lekea Itero

With a lot going on in our lives today, at times we may succumb to simply existing, getting up and going through the motions. As we wake up to a currently divided county, as we feel our own fears and listen to the fears and anxieties of others, the question becomes what next? I don’t claim to have the answers, in fact, I have no answers. I simply have a humble reminder that we all need each other, that we are all connected and what each of us chooses to do or not do has a rippling effect. I am reminded of the simple lessons taught to me by one of my mentors, Robert Lydon. He would facilitate a cognitive exercise he termed “The cups” exercise.

— I simply have a humble reminder that we all need each other...

According to Robert, the bare necessities we all seek and those bare necessities that drive our feelings and thus our actions, we find in four cups. He titled the “cup of self worth/power”, the cup of belonging, the cup of freedom and the cup of fun. At this time most of us might feel that all these cups are empty, we may feel that we don’t belong, that our freedoms are gradually being taken away. The fog of fear may prevent us from seeing ahead. This is the time for us to create a sense of belonging with compassion and inclusion. I was sent an email from The Recovery Cafe calling upon all of us to come together and have a dialogue, join in creating a space of love and compassion. For the “Call to Action to Create a Beloved Community” please contact Killian Noe at