in my clouds

—Lekea Itero

I have read numerous books and articles on the benefits of expressing gratitude. And for those who know me well, I am usually attempting to put all those suggestions and recommendations into practice. A few years ago a colleague of mine made a passing comment, “If you want to know about Lekea, just look at the books she is reading.” Thus regarding gratitude, I have tried making it a daily practice. I tried keeping a gratitude journal, but fell off the wagon repeatedly. I attempted reciting what I am grateful for, each morning, but found this mechanical.

—If you want to know about Lekea, just look at the books she is reading.

It was not until a few days ago, when looking for inspirational words, I decided to listen to as many Youtube videos by Maya Angelou. What resonated with me most, was her consistent advocation for us to remember what she termed “rainbows in your clouds.” words can not express the significance her words had on me. Thus today as I was experiencing effects of what appears to be insomnia, and still made a decision to get up at 5:30am and make it to work, I counted the “rainbows” in my “clouds” The elderly gentleman who stands close to the train station selling his “Real Change”, being generous with his smile and wishing me a “blessed day.” The elderly woman cleaning the bathrooms who took time to help me practice my Spanish, the colleague who was extremely patient with me when I made mistakes that cost us time, another colleague who took the time to crack a joke, the classmate that texted me and invited me for lunch and the privilege to meet his wife. As I counted and thanked each encounter, I simply felt regardless of all the other “clouds” I encountered, I truly had numerous “rainbows” in my “clouds”